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 Tyrus Jol'Kan's Application

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PostSubject: Tyrus Jol'Kan's Application   Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:34 pm

Name: Tyrus Jol'Kan

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:20382250

Job applying for: Doctor

How long have you Role-Played for?: Several Months now.

Short Character bio: Tyrus Jol'Kan was born in 1959 in Moscow, Russia. His father was a high up member of the Soviet Party. His childhood was relatively uneventful until August of 1968 when he was walking his beloved dog Sparky and he peed on a rather influential limo, needless to say the owner was less than thrilled by this turn of events. The next morning Tyrus was awoken by the sound of a pistol firing in his frontyard. He rushed downstairs and out the front do and to his horror found Sparky whimpering and bleeding on the lawn. Tyrus walked over and was just intime to recieve one last lick from his dog before he passed on. Tyrus looked up from the dog and his eyes met the eyes of the killer. His gaze was met by a scared face with uncharacteristically bright green eyes for someone with such a dark complection. The man started laughing and said in a cruel tone,"That's what you get for pissing off the mob, get it? He pissed on our leader's limo. I kill myself." The man then walked off down the street. Tyrus never forgot that man or what he did. If anyone ever talks about his dog or the mob he gets riled up very easily. When Tyrus was old enough he went to college and med-school for 8 years to obtain a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and in Truama Medicine, so he could help bring in criminals like the shooter and care for those who are injured by them. Tyrus is now back from college and is currently seeking employment in the city the mob is based in.

Why should you be given this job?: I have alot of real-life knowledge of medical procedures and ailements and symptoms of those ailments so I would be able to RP many medical sichuations.

What experiance, if any, do you have in the MD within TSRP?: None, I have been a cop on most servers, usually promoted to Senior Officer in a few hours. I'd like to try a job where I fix gun wounds instead of inflict them.

Do you understand that failure to RP or abusing you powers will result in removal of your job: YES
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PostSubject: Re: Tyrus Jol'Kan's Application   Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:51 pm

Except for some minor spelling errors, it was good.

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Tyrus Jol'Kan's Application
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