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 Foxs Union

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PostSubject: Foxs Union   Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:24 am

Name of owner and members: Red Foxs

Steam IDs of all members: Just me for right now : Red Foxs: STEAM_0:1:12958248

Organization wanted: Name of org: Foxs Union
Foxs Union Leader
Foxs Union Co-Leader
Foxs Union Head Mercenary
Foxs Union Mercenary
Foxs Union Spy
Foxs Union Recruit

Organization Type: Mercenary
what is it that your organization will do? We do contracts like captures, guarding things, help retake places (if hired by government only) and assassinations. We talk to other organization and if talk about doing contracts or if they give us one. Then I will have to tell my Co-Leader and is will tell it on to the Mercenaries. We can work with the government and also with the crime orgs. And if approved by the other admins CKs.
Organization Bio: During WW2 a squad of soldiers working on taking out a Nazi building. They had to get in to this building and talk German information they had on names on people they hired in some of the men in special areas. So that squad was killed in action so they had to hire a group of mercenaries to get this information back to the U.S. So they went in with about 12 mercenaries and only 5 of them made it out. So they stuck together to make a squad then a few days later WW2 ended. They only got to rest for a few days then they were off to Russia to fight in the cold war. They were getting paid from the U.S and the Soviet Union to fight on their sides. 2 of them left to join the U.S and the others went to the S.U. So the ones that went to the U.S were killed in action. So the 3 that were left fought till they were about 40’s the 2 died of hunger because of lack of food the other one was saved by a little boy. The boy’s parents were killed in a gun fight. So merc took the boy to Europe and bought a house and raised the boy. The merc was assassinated because he knew too much the boy was about 17 when it happened so he followed the mercenary’s foot step and was going to finish what the thing he looked up to as a father started. So he went on his way to make a crew just like mercenary did to help him do his contracts on. On one mission they had to help a huge ship with cargo to a city in Russia but got lost in a storm and dock on to a little Town in Russia.

Why should we give you this organization? : I have been rping for over 6 year I have ran a lot of orgs in my pass. I will make sure to test the people before they can get in to see if they are good Rpers. With new orgs like my might bring more people to the server or even some of my old members back to rp. I will make sure everything will be rped and rp killing when doing assassinations.
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PostSubject: Re: Foxs Union   Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:22 pm

I've rped with Red on countless servers, and he is a great roleplayer. I hope this organization gets accepted, its a wonderful idea
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Foxs Union
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