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 Cherni Dekabr Organization Application (Illegal)

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PostSubject: Cherni Dekabr Organization Application (Illegal)   Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:48 pm

1.) Name of owner and members : Tverdislav Rozhdestvenskyi - grishin.
Vasily Petrov - Paintcheck

2.) Steam IDs of all members
: Tverdislav Rozhdestvenskyi - STEAM_0:0:11638946
Vasily Petrov - STEAM_0:0:8219116

3.) Organization wanted : Cherni Dekabr.
Pakhan - 50$
Brigadir - 45$
Bojevik - 40$
Yefreytor - 35$
Shestiorka - 25$

4.) Organization Type: Mafia

5.) What is it that your organization will do?: Cherni Dekabr aims to be the controlling force in the city. Through intimidation, executions, extortion, bribery, or any other means available to use we hope to have a finger in ever pie the city has to offer. Why smuggle guns when you can coerce the Black Market to do it for you? Why run a strip club when you can intimidate the owner into paying you protection money? The idea here is that we will become rich off the fruit of other people’s labor while maintaining a healthy distance away from any illegal operations that the police will be unable to pin anything on us.

6.) Organization Bio : 1978, the KGB arrested a rising star in the Vory v Zakone, Tverdislav Rozhdestvenskyi on the streets of Moscow after an intensive 9 month investigation. Tverdislav was a 15 year veteran of the Vory v Zakone, handling everything from drug dealing to extortion, and it was rumored in the seedy underworld that he was the number 3 man in the whole organization. While rotting in prison Tverdislav met Vasily Petrov, a thug and enforcer for a local small-time gang. The two hit it off well as the older Tverdislav saw in Vasily a capable Brigadir. While whiling away the endless days of labor in the gulag Vasily and Tverdislav began dreaming of their own gang outside of the Vory v Zakone and completely under their control.

Through Tverdislav’s contacts who were still free in the Vory v Zakone, Tverdislav arranged for their early release through a substantial bribe. Let loose after several years in prison, Tverdislav began recruiting gang members while Vasily handled weapons and safe houses. It was December when everything finally came together. Calling the new gang Cherni Dekabr (“Dark December”), the 2 got their start in Kirov. Through intimidation, extortion, and a few murders along the way, Cherni Dekabr’s reputation grew as more and more businesses and lesser gangs came under its control. Fueled by their success, Tverdislav appointed Sergei Fedorov to hold down the fort in Kirov while he and Vasily moved on to more fertile hunting grounds.

1986, Cherni Dekabr officially established itself in Frozen Valley, a major import/export hub. Hoping to cash in on the lucrative black market and smuggling rings operating out of the city, Cherni Dekabr has quietly begun recruiting new soldiers and securing a safe house to work out of.

7.) Member bios : Tverdislav Rozhdestvenskyi
Tverdislav Rozhdestvenskyi was born on June 30, 1940 in Kiev, Ukraine. He lived there with his father until he was 17 and was told by him to move out so he can find a man in himself. Tverdislav did nothing less, fully aware of the dangers on the streets he decided to turn to a life of crime after his first cocaine deal. The deal went south after the customer tried to shortchange Tverdislav. Tverdislav was never a man of guns but that changed that same night after the consumer pulled out a pistol. Tverdislav wrestled him for his life, luckily grabbing a hold of the gun, soon he was gripping it aiming at the buyers face, a shot rang out and Tverdislav never spoke of the incident again. A few years later he moved up to extortion and soon got a spot in the Vory v Zakone organization until the KGB arrested him in 1978. He was 38 at the time, now 46 looking to find a new spot for himself in the world there is no knowing what might happened. But hes not afraid of the future...

Vasily Petrov
Vasily Petrov was born on October 29, 1960 to a poor family in Kiev, Ukraine. He did not receive much schooling and quickly fell into gang life at a young age. Vandalism, petty theft, and shoplifting became near daily activities for Vasily and his skill at these minor crimes soon drew the attention of the local Bratva chapter. Being physically intimidating with a deep voice and a 6 foot plus height, Vasily proved to be extremely good at extortion, aided somewhat by his choice of the .45 1911 as his go-to gun.
He killed his first man at age 20, an imprudent shop owner who thought calling the police would actually help him while Vasily was attempting to squeeze out protection money. All that call earned him was a .45 hollowpoint through his right eye. The next owner of that business proved far more cooperative.

8.) Why should we give you this organization? : This org will hopefully bring an interesting set of challenges to other orgs in place. What tends to happen in most TSRP servers is all the gangs ignore each other and it becomes gangs vs. cops. This org will attempt to change the balance so everyone is against everyone else as its attempts at taking over rival gangs and businesses fuel interesting RPs as any orgs involved maneuver for position against us (or us against them). Plus who doesn’t like being bribed? Ideally this org will provide for a new type of interaction other than the usual rob spam/hostage whore seen in most mafias.

*** This application was written by grishin. and Paintcheck
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PostSubject: Re: Cherni Dekabr Organization Application (Illegal)   Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:12 am

Please remember this isnt a capitalist society. This is a communist dictatorship.


Pays will be different though.

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Cherni Dekabr Organization Application (Illegal)
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