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 Mayor Application - Anthony Sqerskzi

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PostSubject: Mayor Application - Anthony Sqerskzi   Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:07 pm

1. Name:

Anthony Sqerskzi

2. STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:10251205

3. Job Applying: Mayor

4. About How Long You've Roleplayed For: long enough

5. Character Biography:

Anthony Sqerskzi eagirly puts his hands up in the Maths Methods class.. "Yes Anthony..?" "Sorry Mr Bulzhski but you wrote the question wrong, its pie divided by hy9 times the amount given by LK=12z x 49TN" "Uh.. wow you are correct.."
As he puts his hands down a bunch of comments are thrown around the room under their is that shit?..
Anthony was always a bright kid. Subjects like Advanced English, Maths methods, Chemistry you need a fairly high IQ or at least some understanding of the subject. His life was in the books, when he was at school he would be piled with books,
just fasinated with them, and no different to his home life. His dad was a fisherman on the ship, and well his mum didn't really have a job so she was really depressed most of the time, blaming whoever she could. As he grew smarter and smarter
he was the an easy target for bullies, who would lay into him at every given chance. As he sat in the class room one time he teacher said something that shocked alot of people.. " Today class, we are going on an camp for a few days, now don't
worry you won't get lost, relax. Were going to Mt. Mas, up in the hills where its snowing! I had mixed feelings about this, well I wasn't a really enthusistic kid you know but I put up with it and we went along. The bus ride was alright, as you know..
but the best part was looking at the girl a few seats up, I wouldn't have a chance in hell but it was good just thinking about her. As we set up and got into our dorms it was alright, I set up a shelf with heaps of my books and got stuck into it reading,
as I normaly do. After a while it was getting dark, people started heading off to the common room for dinner, "Yeah I'll be there in 5.." 15 minutes later I descided to move even though everything in my brain was telling me "why.. they don't like you and you
don't like them, is there any point?" As I took a few steps outside the gust and the snow just hit me, it was so cold.. I run backwards into my cabin and put on a jacket and as I re-entered outside again I took a few steps and fell over a massive rock, or
thats what they told me anyway...

I woke up a few years later.. My room was empty and just had a bunch of flowers across the bed from where I was sitting, as I tried to sit up I heard an alarm go off, a ringing senstation and heaps of people dressed in blue with facemasks just ran inside my room...
I dozed back into my coma.. I woke up a week later and there was a girl sitting down with me, she explained what happend, who I was, who she was. "Hi, my name is Alison!" "You must be wondering why you're here, well you fell over and cracked you're head a few years ago
and you never woke up.. the doctors deemed you were a 'vegetable' but you're mother never gave up, so she let you live on lifeless.. I don't know how you woke up to be honest, but I'm happy you did" Her smile was the best thing I've seen..well, for years... She also explained
how I lost my memory, and I wasn't as smart as I was before, understandably.. The tabloids went into a frenzy, with headlines such as "Vegetable or Miracle?" She helped me recuperate and as I got back on my feet, mentally and physically after a year I thanked her, things started going
real good then, we went out alot and yeah.. I proposed to her eventually. Papers were going crazy again, things like " Hot doc likes her Vegetables"... We got married late the next year, in 2007, around October. She was an A class student
when she went to school, she re-taught me everything and I enrolled my self in an University as I had a lot of spare time on my hands, with my wife being a doctor I wanted to do something aswell.. After a few months it all came back to me, like I just suddenly remembered it all..
it was really weird, as I started having different views on life and I percieved things very different now.. One night when I came home she said she was pregenant..We had a kid, his name was Justin.. his a few months old now! As soon as I got on my feet I enrolled myself into the parliment,
hoping I could try and work for the goverment, change views on life and the such, as I had heaps of ideas and views for this country.. I finnaly got some recognition after I re-moddled the town, helped with fixing roads and that sort.. I was the Mayors right hand man. As Mayor Louis Szchifzki term ended up,
he said I should run for Mayor.. I didn't know what to say, only that I'll try..

/me looks up

Well.. that's my story FV (Frozen Valley) as you know it, if you ellect me to run for Mayor..we shall create our own story.

- Anthony Sqerskzi

6. Characters RP age: In the 30's

7. Why should we give you this job? Because I havn't RP'd as a Mayor before, I would like the chance to do so, as it looks very entertaining if you correctly RP the job.

P.S ( Don't have that spell check bullshit, so if I've typed words wrong, don't be gay :[ )
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Mayor Application - Anthony Sqerskzi
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