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 Jack Lockshaw app

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PostSubject: Jack Lockshaw app   Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:26 pm

Name: Jack Lockshaw

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:14523000

Rank Applying for: Captan

How long have you Role-Played for?: In the begining god created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis, 1:1) (For about a year online, +5+ for tabletop)

Short Character Bio:

Jack originally worked for the NSA. It was a complex job, and most of the stuff he did fell under Top Secret classification. Alot of it he wasent proud of. After One of the "Experements" he was placed in command of had a major setback on one of the department's joint projects with the DOD's DARPA agency (the loss of one of the experemental supersoldgers, one Kane Proto), he gave it up. He quit his job and went back to his childhood hobby: Computers. After a few months, however, he started to miss the fast paced life. He started looking around for jobs that were close to what he wanted, but eventually gave up and started working for corps and orgs, along with the occasional third world country.

After a good run as a Freelance Spy, he got a callback from the NSA. They had heard of his work in Melvelport, and gave him a new mission. It appeared that an evil genius had set up shop on some remote desert island. When he came back, he remembered what fun he had working with the police, and how understaffed it was. Feeling pity, and not wanting to get shoved off of crime scenes as much, he applyed.

Why should you be given this job?: I have experience in general PD work. I've worked in the pd as a jailguard a few hundered years ago, as a lt. a few hundred years in the future in a diffrent demention, and with the pd on many occasion as a misinterprited negotatior and as fire support.

You are getting some lunch at the local diner and you hear something on your com channel. The bank is being robbed and there are 2 KNOWN armed suspects. You jump out of your seat and out the door to the bank. When you arrive you see that there are you other cops on the scene and one is badly wounded and bleeding on the bank steps. Explain how you would handle this situation:

For starters, I would get someone to fix the question.

Senario start:

T: 2
CT: 1+

Non-terrorist negotation protocols
CT = 2
Get the second cop to pull the man down out of the line of fire (if possible) while I call the MD. If i know additional help is on the way, I would wait for further reinforcements. If not, I would then compair ranks of the people currently present, and hand the reigns over to the persion who is of highest rank.
CT = 5
Get one of comrads to pull cop out of line of fire (if possible). If noone has taken command of scene yet, take command and set up men at positions of cover with crossing arcs of fire exept for one, which will handle communications and will fall back. the cop handling communication will sommon the MD while the rest prepare to breech/snipe the criminals.

If not possible to recover Injured:
Ignore untell situation resolved. Acceptable Losses. The needs of the many (Federal law for all) outweigh the needs of the few (one life //and alot of writing).

Other optional variables: ∞
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Jack Lockshaw app
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