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 "Directors cut" Movie makers...

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coby jamal
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PostSubject: "Directors cut" Movie makers...   Sun May 03, 2009 12:33 pm

Note: THIS IS NOT COMPLETE! i will start gathering members and update as i go along

Name of owner and members :
Gregory Parkers
2.) Steam IDs of all members :Please list your Sid and your members Sids

3.) Organization wanted : "Directors cut" Movie makers
1. Director - 35
2. Producer - 30
3. Editor - 30
4. Script writer - 30
5. Actor -25
6. Extra -20

4.) Organization Type: i guess it would be bussnies, but a custom type would be movie makers

5.) What is it that your organizartion will do?: The Movie makers do exactly that, make movies, based around Iburg, and cary them out. We will eventually let the movies come out, and will be posted for download, for a price of course (ingame money). it won't be that much, 20 bucks at most. we keep are members organized and make sure they stay out of trouble.

6.) Organization Bio : I have seen ALOT of ts videos, weather there 5-10 minute movies or 30 second shorts. We have decided that all these minds can come together to create many new movies, with 10-20 minute runtimes. We hope that in the future, we will be creating more flicks than you can handle, some love, some action, some mystery, maybe even some documentarys chucked in there.
Some of the videos will be free and posted on the site, or maybe Youtube, but others will have to be downloaded for money ingame, 10 dollars at most, 3 at least.

7.) Member bios :
Gregory Parker (Real name or Not?) Has always been in the movie busness and had been making animated videos since he was 7. As he got older, he started making live action videos, and aventually, one even got publiched called "Fisk: The untold story" featuring a young teenager trying to rescue his sister from an armed gang. He is now 30 years hold. and has decided to start directing movies for real, that will make thousands at the box office! He will gather a team and hold auditions for the best people and producers out there.

(No other members as of now)

8.) Why should we give you this organization?
1. We need some good movies featuring Iburg
2. We would give credits to Mobius and the Mobius team (Free advertising anyone?)
3. We would be making a fair amount of movies
4. movies won't include DM
5. We won't let bad actors in, along with drunkys
6. We will make sure everyone knows that there a movie being filmed
7. Pays arn't the highest, so we won't be sitting around doing nothing
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Don Punch

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PostSubject: Re: "Directors cut" Movie makers...   Sun May 03, 2009 7:57 pm

I love it, approved.

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"Directors cut" Movie makers...
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