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 Sara Tancredis PD application

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PostSubject: Sara Tancredis PD application   Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:14 pm

Name: Sara Tancredi

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:5254737

Rank Applying for: Trainee

How long have you Role-Played for?: 1 year I think.

Short Character Bio: (Just a paragraph or more about your character. Include things like where he/she was born, if he had parents, his other jobs, if he had friends, if he is married, etc. Just be sure it AT LEASE a full paragraph, 4-5 sentences. THE MORE YOU WRITE THE BETTER!)

Sara Tancredi is 30 years old and is raised and born in US, Texas. She was a hard working Doctor at the hospital, so she have seen, miserable everyday, stab wounds, different diseases all kind of nasty stuff. But she enjoyed her work. The main reason was to help people out of there diseases, to make them feel better. Sara lived one block away from her parents. Sara was single, and didn’t have any kids.

One day her parents called her to say that the next day they was about to go to the bank because of there loans of the apartment they had, was very high and they had an appointment with a bank manager at lunch time.

Sara looked at the big clock on the hospital wall. The clock told her it was lunch time, and Sara remember what her parents told her yesterday, Sara was hungry and putted her jacket on and was about to go out on a restaurant to eat lunch, when a ambulance stopped by the ER entrance. One female and one male stepped out of the ambulance and open up the back of it and Sara saw it was a bleeding person in there. The female ambulance driver told Sara it is a robbery at the bank and they have taken hostage and the hostage situation went wrong so they were shooting them. More ambulances were on its way to the hospital. Sara froze for a second and a thought run around in her head “Mom, Dad”. The staff at the ambulance talked about the person in the ambulance, what have happened, blood pressure and what wounds the person had, Sara listen in distant to what the female staff had to say. Sara said in absent the ambulance staff that they should take the person to operation room number one.

Sara wanted to find what hospital her parents were at, so she started to call around different hospitals to see if it had come in patient from the same bank as her parents. The 2 – 3 hospital she called hadn’t got any patient from that bank, but the forth hospital she called had patients. Her heart was beating hard when she stood in front of the hospital. Sara went to the ER.

Sara waited for the reception woman to finish with the paper work. Sara asked the woman if they had her parents on the ER. The woman asked what name her parents have. Sara answer Mime and Michael Tancredi. The woman said they are in the room 10.

Sara swallows hard and knocks the door opens door and steps in

The sight that encounter Sara was a terrible one, her parents was full of tubes inside body. A nurse were in the room, The nurse told Sara they were on there way to surgery room and nurse told Sara to sit in the waiting room

After a few hours of waiting, a doctor came to tell the terrible news that Sara’s parents didn’t make the surgery

After a month the funeral was done and her parents is in the grave

Sara walks slowly towards the grave with the text engraved “Rest in peace Mime and Michael” Sara pets the stone and tears begins to streaming down her cheeks, Sara whispers to Mime and Michael “One day I will be joining PD so I can catch bad guys so they wont take more lifes….

Sara took a deep breath and inhaled Burbanks smell were she stood at the sign “ WELCOME TO BURBANK”

Why should you be given this job?: The bad guys will be caught and put to jail !

You are getting some lunch at the local diner and you hear something on your com channel. The bank is being robbed and there are 2 KNOWN armed suspects. You jump out of your seat and out the door to the bank. When you arrive you see that there are you other cops on the scene and one is badly wounded and bleeding on the bank steps. Explain how you would handle this situation:

First call for backup, call on snipers to set up on roof or were they can get a clear shoot on the guys, second call in a negotiator, call ambulance to the place, try to negotiate with the armed guys to let the wounded get medical care, if that doesnt helpp try to disarm the guys, if that doesnt help, shoot on sight.
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Don Punch

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PostSubject: Re: Sara Tancredis PD application   Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:36 pm


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Sara Tancredis PD application
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