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 Zeke's FD application

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PostSubject: Zeke's FD application   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:05 pm

Name:Ezekiel 'Zeke' Fiery


Rank applying for:Any rank.

How long have you Role-Played for?:
Two years

Short Character bio:
Ezekiel was born April 20th, 1981 to his 16 year old mother, Ellain Fiery. With his mother being only 16 years of age and the father, Micheal Scott, denied Ezekiel being his, Ezekiel was raised by his grandparents while his mother went to high school. Being a bright child, Ezekiel entered pre-school at the age of 3 and was ahead of the learning curve. At the age of 4 he and his mother moved out of his grandparents home to live on their own. His mother, now 20 years old, had finished her 2 year degree in nursing and now works in the medical department of Burbank. Upon moving to an apartment Ezekiel began going to elementary school. Being a bright child he was entered into the gifted child program and went to a special magnet school. Breezing through elementary, Ezekiel entered Junior High at the age of 10.

Ezekiel breezed through Junior High without a problem and had began to have a growing relationship with his mother. Becoming closer and closer as days passed Ezekiel began to love his mother more and more and tried to help around the house. He began doing chores that his mother wasn't able to get around to, started to cook dinner before his mother got home and had a part time job at the local burger king. When he was in 7th grade, his mother began to start dating and would ask Ezekiel if he approved of the man or not. During his 8th grade year his mother fell in love with a police officer name Allan Engel. Two months after Ezekiel graduated from the 8th grade, his mother and Allan married. Moving out of their apartment, they moved into Allan's condo.

When Ezekiel entered High School, he began his tirade of practical jokes. He became famous in the school for all of his pranks and jokes he has done throughout the school. He would constantly get notes sent home and was suspended at least once every year. His pranks would consist of lock changes throughout the school, replacing the dissection frogs with live frogs, releasing millions of crickets around the school and releasing 2 pigs marked 1 and 3 (Took the police and his father hours to finally realize there wasn't a number 2 pig). Although he was threatened with expulsion, he was still at the top of his class graduating as Valedictorian.

It came time for college and Ezekiel moved out and when to UCLA to start his career in medicine. He spent many days and nights studying long and hard to pass his classes. Although He was the smartest kid in his high school class he still needed to study long and hard and didn't have time to do any pranks during his college career. During his junior year in college he had heard that his mother was pregnant and had given birth to his little sister Isabella Engel and that they have moved out of Burbank and up north to Sacramento. After graduating college Ezekiel went out to intern at a prominent hospital hoping to raise in the ranks. After 2 years as an intern, Ezekiel became bored of the life as a doctor and felt that he could put his medical training into better use. He moved back to Burbank hearing that the Fire Department was hiring, hoping to get a new job.

Why should you be given this job?:This will be my first time RPing as a Fireman and I'm hoping this will broaden my RP abilities. I have RPed a police officer before and as mayor of Mevelport but I'm a pretty good RPer.

If the bank was on fire and you arrived on the scene AND there was another Fireman on call (In the server), as an extra problem, you hear screams of help coming from inside the bank, explain how you would handle the situation: I would have called the other Fireman to come and help with the situation before any problems start up. I would then call the police to see if they can help control the area and clear it of any civilians in the way. We would then try to clear as much flames as possible to create an opening so one of us can go in and save whoever is in the building. Either I or the other firemen would rush in and check to see if any doors were hot before opening them, as to not cause a backdraft. Upon finding them I would calmly try to pull the civilians out of the fire and out to where the paramedics are. If there are no paramedics at the scene yet, I would then try to examine to see if the survivor had any health or physical problems and try to treat them as much as I could before the paramedics arrive.

Illegal activities by any government employee can result in termination of employment (at the Chief's discrestion), so if you plan on robbing a lot, be prepared to look for other work, that is if you get caught or identified.
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Don Punch

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PostSubject: Re: Zeke's FD application   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:59 pm

Accepted as FD Trainee.

More details to come, as well as training.

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Zeke's FD application
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